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Two-Stage Trigger

Two Distinct Stages. One Crisp Break.

The first — and only — of its kind,

the ICONIC Independent Two-Stage
Trigger combines the

Awareness, Feedback & Flexibility

of a two-stage trigger with the

Responsiveness, Crispness & Speed

of a single-stage trigger for

Uncompromising Performance


CleanSplit Fully Independent
Two-Stage Design

The two stages of an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger are completely independent with totally separate mechanical components for each stage. This allows performance that’s impossible with other two-stage triggers. On other two-stage triggers, the hammer sear and trigger sear interact on both the first and second stages, and the disconnector controls the second stage, which compromises performance.

The independent two-stage design of the ICONIC Trigger allows for

  • A distinct "wall"
  • Low overtravel
  • A crisp, clean second-stage break that’s comparable to a high-performing single-stage trigger
  • No creep
  • None of the inherent mushiness felt in conventional, captive two-stage triggers, which is caused by their compression of the disconnector spring

Have-It-All Light Pull & Crisp
Break Performance

Because the two stages are always interconnected in a standard, captive two-stage trigger, there is a give-and-take relationship between pull weight and crispness. If you want a crisp break, you’ll have to tolerate a heavier pull weight. If you want a lighter pull weight, you’re going to have a mushier trigger.

Thanks to the exclusive independent two-stage design of an ICONIC Trigger, you can have both a lighter pull weight and a crisp-breaking trigger — in other words, the best of both worlds. We call this Have-It-All Performance, and you can get it only with an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger.


Dual-Blade Design

The two blades on an ICONIC Trigger are designed not to collide, but rather to slide and nest. The first, more typical curved blade controls the first stage. It’s wider than the second and has smooth edges for maximum comfort and control. It pulls with approximately 1 pound of force. Its posterior side slides neatly and smoothly into the second skeletonized blade, which controls the second stage and pulls with approximately 2 additional pounds of force.*


NoDoubt Second-Stage Wall

Extra predictability and flexibility of when your gun will fire are key purposes of a two-stage trigger. Unfortunately, with some two-stage triggers, it’s difficult to tell when you arrive at the second stage. In those cases, all you really have is a poor single-stage trigger.

With ICONIC’s independent stages, you truly know when you reach the second-stage wall. There’s no doubt with the feel — and you can even see — when the blades meet at the start of the second stage. This certain, unmistakable feedback is the hallmark of an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger.

When you’re precision shooting, knowing definitively when you’re at the second stage means you’re less likely to pull off the target. And because you’re certain where you are in the process, you can pause to control your breathing or mentally prepare for the shot before continuing with the shot. As a hunter, if your target moves or goes behind some cover, you can back out of the shot. You know where you are within the shot, and it doesn’t take hundreds of rounds to “learn” the trigger. There is never any wondering or uncertainty.

Distinct Icicle Crisp
& Clean Trigger Break

Because an ICONIC Trigger uses solid sear surfaces on the second stage instead of a springy disconnector like standard, captive two-stage triggers, the trigger break is noticeably crisper and cleaner.

We call it Icicle crisp because it’s not only crisper, but cleaner too.

Clear ’n’ Quick Reset

On captive two-stage triggers, if the “wall” is at all mushy due to the give-and-take with trigger pull weight, reset will be mushy as well. This can make it difficult to tell where reset ends without considerable practice.

Because of ICONIC’s independent stages, the reset action and feel are clear-cut. In addition, the reset speed is considerably faster.

Wide, Comfortable
Front Blade

The broad front blade provides more than a quarter inch of contact for your trigger finger to maximize control. It is smooth as polished granite and has a gentle curve to comfortably seat your finger at the ideal position for accuracy.


Safety-First Hammer Hold

We’ve designed a special Safety-First Hammer Hold into the ICONIC Trigger. If you drop your rifle, this lever can catch the hammer and stop it from hitting the firing pin. Additionally, you must pull through the first stage to engage the second stage and fire the rifle, another design feature of the ICONIC Trigger. These features are to enhance, not replace, standard gun safety, which you should always practice.

StrongArm Hammer Springs

For added reliability, ICONIC Triggers use robust StrongArm hammer springs. These heavy-duty springs increase the hammer’s velocity to hit the firing pin harder and reduce the chances of light primer strikes.


Elementary Drop-In Installation

All the parts of an ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger are contained within a machined aluminum cassette-style housing, which has retaining pin holes in the same positions as the trigger and hammer retention pin holes on AR lower receivers. This allows you simply to drop the entire trigger assembly into the lower receiver and then use the supplied anti-walk pins to secure the housing and its contained parts within the receiver.

There’s no struggling to hold individual trigger components and springs in place while trying to install the trigger. And there’s no need to worry about adjusting or fine-tuning the trigger. There aren’t even set screws to tighten.
Just drop in the trigger and secure it with the free anti-walk pins.


Heavy-Hit Hardening

ICONIC Triggers’ internal components start with S7 tool steel, which RISE mills out with precision machining. Once a component is cut to an exacting specification, the part is heat-treated to make it super hard, able to take a hit and deliver solid contact with the firing pin without concern for wear or distortion.

Black Nitride Finished Steel

The blackened steel parts are that color because they are finished with black nitride. Once black nitride is done through a highly uniform diffusion process, it increases the surface hardness of the steel and strengthens it beyond even the Heavy-Hit Hardening, making the parts far more resistant to corrosion and wear than even hardened chrome or other firearm finishes or coatings.


Aerospace Tolerances

With RISE’s aerospace manufacturing background, the parts in an ICONIC Trigger are precision machined on CNC machines to exacting standards and inspected on equipment that measures up to five decimal places.

6061 Aerospace
Aluminum Housing

Rather than die-cutting and bending sheet steel or aluminum for the housing or “cassette” frame of the drop-in trigger, RISE machines a solid block of 6061 aluminum for the outer framework of ICONIC triggers.

This lightweight solution is far more durable and longer lasting than punch-in housings, helping the trigger group perform flawlessly under a variety of conditions. Each ICONIC housing receives a smooth, durable Cerakote finish to protect further against corrosion and wear.

Hand-Crafted Fine-Tuning

Once RISE fully assembles each ICONIC Trigger, our internal craftsmen check for pull weight accuracy and the superior operation we expect of all ICONIC Triggers. This ensures each and every ICONIC Trigger performs consistently and as designed.

*Each trigger’s pull weight is set for maximum performance and may be ± ¼ lb. at each stage.

Made in America

Made in America

ICONIC Triggers, like all triggers from RISE, are designed and made in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

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ICONIC Best-of-Both-Worlds Performance Guarantee

If your ICONIC Independent Two-Stage Trigger does not perform as promised — with the control of a two-stage trigger and the crisp, clean break and fast reset of a single-stage trigger — we’ll buy it back. No questions asked.

In addition, every trigger is backed by RISE’s Lifetime Warranty.


Platform AR-15 or AR-10

No. of Stages Two

Pull Weight 1st Stage: 1 lb.,
2nd Stage: 2 lb. (3 total)*

Trigger Blade Curved

Material S7 tool steel interior parts;
6061 aluminum housing

Colors ICONIC Green, Graphite,
or FDE

Includes Free anti-walk pins

Guarantee Best-of-Both-Worlds
Performance Guarantee

Warranty RISE Lifetime Warranty

Patents Pending
*Each trigger’s pull weight is set for maximum performance and may be ± ¼ lb. at each stage.

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