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BLITZ Blackout Trigger & Free Hat

3.0-3.5lb. Pull with Anti-Walk Trigger Pins



The original RISE Armament Blitz trigger took the shooting world by storm after being announced in 2020. A high-performance trigger for less than $200? We know: It’s impressive. Well, after some time, we decided to give the Blitz a new look. So, we’re proud to introduce the limited-edition RISE Blitz Blackout Trigger. In case you didn’t spot it, the Blackout model features an eye-catching all-black housing. But just like the original, the Blitz Blackout features that same performance for less than $200.

Take your PCC or AR-15 to the next level when you drop in the limited-edition RISE Blitz Blackout Trigger. Its exceptionally crisp break and ultra-fast reset will lead to unforgettable experience at the range — whether you are competing or just having fun with friends. Like all RISE triggers, the Blitz Blackout has the backing of RISE’s More-Bang-for-Your-Buck Performance Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty. It also includes free anti-walk pins.

Receive a FREE RISE Eclipse hat when you purchase the super sleek Blitz Blackout.

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast Quik-Klik™ reset you can feel and hear for rapid follow-up shots
  • Virtually no creep to help you stay on target
  • Exceptionally crisp —breaks like an icicle
  • Hybrid trigger blade that combines the best aspects of curved and flat triggers for incredible comfort, control, and speed
  • Elementary installation — simple and fast with no set screws to tighten
  • NoWay™ Take-up — Most triggers allow a degree of movement prior to engaging the sear, but not with RISE triggers. Measurements done on RISE triggers show no trigger take-up before engaging the sear, so trigger movement begins with the pull required to move and actuate the sear to release the hammer
  • Interior parts are S7 tool steel with heavy-hit hardening then black nitride finished for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance
  • Single-stage, 3.0-3.5-lb. pull
  • LiteMite™ Hammer — Reduces weight while packing a powerful punch
  • Contained in an anodized housing that’s machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, which is more durable and longer lasting than punch-tin housings to help the trigger perform flawlessly under a variety of conditions
  • Precision machined with handcrafted fine tuning
  • Individually inspected
  • Includes free anti-walk trigger pins for secure installation
  • Fits AR-style platforms built to mil-spec dimensions — calibers include .223/5.56, .308, 6.5, 9MM, and more, making it an excellent option for PCCs
  • Backed by the RISE More-Bang-for-Your-Buck Performance Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty


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Customer Reviews

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Justin Cosgrove


The trigger is incredibly smooth, tactile, and is a very light pull. The trigger reset is audible and satisfying. Too bad you cannot get this limited edition trigger anymore, just overall a really great single stage trigger.


Eric Glenn

Easy install!!

Installed in my Dainel Defense M4III GWOT! Fit & function test perfect. A custom made trigger limited edition! Came with a nice black cap.


Larry Berfield

Blitz Blackout Trigger


Jerry Clay

Blitz creed!

Guys I must say this trigger has improved my accuracy my speed as far as follow up shots I can go on and on about this trigger but I don’t wanna talk your heads off lol I’m totally satisfied guys thanks for the awesome work you guys do.


Jeff Green

Blitz blackout

Love it!!!! Super easy to install works amazing!!