As you look at ways to improve your AR-15, one component that will keep coming up is the handguard. Also known as the forend, the handguard surrounds the barrel of your firearm. Its main purpose is to allow a better grip of your gun. However, it also allows for a lot of customization with various pieces of gear and accessories.

AR-15 Handguard Features and Options

Firstly, we’ll start with the type of AR-15 handguard options we, at RISE Armament, offer. Our handguards are of the “free-floating” variety, which is exactly what it sounds like. Free-floating handguards allow the barrel to float freely beneath the handguard. Why is that important? Well, free-floating handguards take pressure off the barrel when firing and allow the barrel to function as it should. Without getting into the science of it, free-floating handguards help maximize your barrel’s accuracy.