There are many types of rifles, but none are more popular than the AR platform — the AR-15 and, to a lesser extent, the AR-10 both come to mind. The AR-15 is “America’s rifle,” and for good reason. Whether used for hunting or home-defense or just time at the range, it’s both accurate and reliable. Perhaps more than anything else, it’s easy to modify and customize. Tailoring something to your own specs helps improve your comfort, and a rifle is no different.

At RISE Armament, we started with the soul of a rifle: The trigger. But we didn’t stop there. Once our engineers created the shooting industry’s top-performing trigger, we began designing and building complete rifles — high-performance, expertly engineered, precision-crafted, American-made rifles. From bolt carrier groups to handguards, we do it all. Now we have a lineup of rifles that live up to the RISE name, which is why they also come with our lifetime warranty.