RISE Armament AR-15 Parts

When you break it down, your AR-15 or AR-platform rifle is really just the sum of its parts. Of course, there’s your trigger, which is the most direct interface between you and your gun. However, there are a number of other parts that play a critical role in each rifle.

At RISE Armament, we have a wide range of AR-15 parts to help improve the capabilities of your rifle. For starters, RISE has four different AR-15 bolt carrier groups to choose from, including our well-known Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group, as well as our Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group. All of our offerings provide reliability and longevity — the two most important characteristics of a good bolt carrier group.

Next on the list are RISE’s various AR-15 handguard options. For handguards, we offer three different models, which include a mix of both M-LOK and Picatinny capabilities. Our handguards also come in a variety of lengths and colors to fit your needs. There’s an option here for everyone.

Then we have our muzzle devices, which offer a number of upgrades to your rifle, pending the type. For example, the RISE RA-701 AR Compensator helps eliminate muzzle rise. It also lessens recoil by an impressive 67 percent. Meanwhile, our four-prong Veil Flash Hider minimizes flash without the annoying ringing sound typically associated with prong-style flash hiders.

The last of the bigger parts is the RISE RA-212 AR-15 Charging Handle. It features an extended latch for both easier and faster charging.

While those are the bigger items on our long list of parts, we also offer a number of smaller parts. Those parts include anti-walk pins, KNS trigger group pins, an AR-15 lower parts kit, and an upper parts kit. If you’re looking to upgrade your rifle, start with one of RISE’s many AR parts.