Flash Hider - .22 Cal

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Flash Hider - .22 Cal


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The RISE Armament Veil AR 15 flash hider effectively minimizes flash in the field. More importantly, it does so without the annoying ringing sound that’s typical with a prong-style flash hider.

If you’re looking for more muzzle devices from RISE, we also offer the RA-701 AR Compensator.

Key Features

Minimizes muzzle flash to counteract the flash's negative effects on the shooter's night vision

Proprietary design virtually eliminates the annoying tuning-fork effect that's common with prong-style flash hiders

Sleek, unobtrusive design

Purpose-built for tactical use

Caliber: .22

Includes: crush washer for installation

Material: 416 stainless steel

Finish: black nitride

Length: 2.25"

Weight: 2 oz.