AR-10 Bolt-Carrier Group

Black Nitride Finish

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AR-10 Bolt-Carrier Group

Black Nitride Finish


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RISE Armament manufactures its advanced AR-10 bolt carrier group (AR10 BCG) with precision. The .30 caliber BCG is compatible with calibers such as .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor. We also individually inspect each to ensure high-level performance. Be sure to check out all of RISE’s bolt carrier group options.

Key Features

High-strength and easy-to-clean black nitride finish

Individually MPI tested

Bolt: 9310 MPI tested

Carrier: 8620 tool steel heat treated and case hardened

Gas key: tool steel - grade 8 hardened fasteners and staked properly

Cam pin: 4140 steel

Extractor: tool steel – shot peened