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Extended Latch Charging Handle

The RISE RA-212 is precision CNC-machined from 7075-T6 aluminum; this makes it both durable and lightweight. It fits all mil-spec AR-15 upper receivers. The RA-212 features an extended latch that allows for both easier and faster charging.



The purpose of an AR 15 charging handle is very simple: It “charges” your rifle. It certainly isn’t as glamorous as an AR-15 trigger or an AR-15 handguard, but it serves its purpose. And just like rifles themselves, some charging handles are better than others; this leads us to the RISE Armament RA-212 Extended Latch Charging Handle.

Why the RISE RA-212 AR-15 Charging Handle Stands Out

After you insert a magazine into your rifle, you pull back on the charging handle. This process allows the bolt to grab a round and feed it into the chamber. After that, you’re ready to shoot. However, not all charging handles are equal.


The main focus here is durability. Why is that so important? Think about how much you use your rifle. Then think about how much you pull on your charging handle. You want a handle that lasts over time. The RA-212 is as durable as it gets. Remember, we use 7075-T6 aluminum. Beyond that, the RA-212 also has a hardcoat anodized flat black finish. A couple of key benefits of the finish are durability and corrosion resistance. The finish is also harder than tool steel, so it provides serious strength. Add that to the aluminum’s light weight and you have one of the toughest charging handles you’ll find.

If our promise of durability isn’t enough, that’s fine — RISE also backs the RA-212 Extended Latch Charging Handle with our lifetime manufacturing warranty. So that should be more than enough to get one in your rifle today.

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Andrew G

Little difference, big improvement

I always find it amazing how just the little differences make the greatest improvements. This handle is now on all of my AR setups and I am very happy with them. The little extension makes it quick to acquire and smooth to run. Very happy with this set up.


Jason Piccolo @drjasonpiccolo

Must Have Purchase

The RA-212 Extended Latch Charging Handle is a fantastic addition to any firearm setup. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, it provides a secure and ergonomic grip, making charging effortless and quick. Whether you’re in high-stress situations or seeking smoother reloads, the RA-212 delivers. It’s compatible with various firearm platforms, easy to install, and enhances control and safety. For improved shooting experiences, this charging handle is a wise investment. Highly recommended!


Robert Warren

RA-212 Extended Latch Charging Handle

I like the design.


Matthew Burnash

RA-212 Extended Latch Charging Handle




Awesome charging handle awesome company, will be purchasing more accessories and parts in the future!