RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger

with Anti-Rotation Pins

RISE Armament RA 535 Trigger

RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger

with Anti-Rotation Pins


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With a crazy-fast reset, nearly nonexistent over-travel, and a smoother, crisper, lighter trigger pull, the RISE Armament RA 535 Advanced Performance Trigger (APT) helps you fire more quickly and accurately. It’s highly regarded as the best of our triggers. The single-stage trigger group is easy to install. It also includes free anti-rotation pins.


“Overtravel is admirably short, making precision shooting easier.” – Joseph Von Benedikt, Guns & Ammo: Book of the AR-15

“I like its performance as much as I like its looks” – James Tarr, Shotgun News

“This is going to make life a lot easier.” – Tom Claycomb III, American Shooting Journal

“The best-looking trigger on the market performs as good as it looks.” – Joseph Von Benedikt, Guns & Ammo: Book of the AR-15

Large Pin Colt Style bushings (.170) available upon request. Please request for large pin bushings in the comments section when ordering or contact our customer support team at 844-747-3308.

Key Features


3.5-lb. pull weight

Unit weight: 2.3 oz.

Quick reset for faster response time between shots

Lightened trigger pull with super-crisp release to improve accuracy and increase target acquisition

Combines straight trigger functionality and comfort with curved control

Self-contained design makes it easy and quick to install with no fine-tuning needed

Anti-rotation pins included

Fits most 308 and .223 AR style platforms

Manufactured and assembled in our facility according to strict AS9100 aerospace requirements, which are more stringent than standard gun manufacturing requirements

Quality-assured with high-tech inspection equipment that can measure up to five decimal places—two beyond the standard and far more precise than the human eye can detect

Precision CNC machined from high-grade, heat-treated tool steel and aluminum

Contained in RISE Armament’s signature bright red 8625 hardcoat anodized aluminum housing

To view installation instructions, watch our tutorial here or read our tutorial here

Our products are backed by a lifetime guarantee. If you have any issues with a RISE Armament product, please email us at racustomerservice@risearmament.com.

The set screws in the housing should be used with any trigger pins

Note: The center set screw should not be tampered with. Any attempts to modify the trigger will void the warranty.

U.S. Patent No. 7,293,385

20 reviews for RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger

  1. Charles Johnson

    Install the advance trigger in my AR and amazing performance and worked flawless
    Easy install and told everyone about it !!!

  2. Joel Bowman

    I have used many different drop-in AR triggers in the past but the RA-535 is without a doubt the best of the best! The break is so clean I am almost surprised when it happens and the reset is so crisp that double taps and follow on shots are a breeze.
    The perfect drop-in trigger group for any 3 Gun/CQB AR-15!

  3. Les Dunn

    No matter if you are a competitive shooter, a novice or running a battle rifle this is the best trigger I have ever installed and shot. My AR is used and built as a defensive gun and one that I would shoot out to 300 yards or so. I had replaced the original Colt trigger with the Geissele Super Dynamic Combat which is intended for close quarter combat and precise shooting applications. After installation of the Rise RA-535 trigger I was able to have a much better feel between my finger and the trigger with no take-up giving me a much more precise shot and with the reset as crisp and solid as it is my follow up shots were fast and spot on. Of all the triggers I have ever replaced and worked on this was by far the easiest. This is a must have.

  4. Joe Hancock

    Yeah, It\’s that good! This trigger is so clean and crisp that it amazes me every time I pull the gun out of the bag…
    The reset is magic. I\’ve probably got 400 rounds sent in 90 days with the RA 535 and I think its actually even better now!

  5. David Jones

    In my opinion, this is one the best upgrades you can make , if I had to choose between a quality optic, or this particular trigger, I would choose the trigger. RA products need little advertising, they speak for themselves, and as a bonus the company provides unmatched customer service.

  6. Doug Young (verified owner)

    The RA 535 trigger blows all others away. the crisp break is amazing, and the reset is nearly non existent. the quality is amazing, as well as ease of install. once you squeeze this trigger, and make a follow up shot in the same hole, your gonna be so mad you spent money on any other trigger group. its just that amazing. i ordered it, and had it delivered and in my gun in 3 days. top notch company with a top notch product. can\’t wait to buy some more RA products.

  7. Travis Roth

    I was sent both the RA-140 and the RA-535 to test out for 3 gun competition triggers by Young Guns Tactical Solutions (Doug Young). After I had already spent $150 on a Velocity 3# drop in. Impressive, both triggers are fantastic and the pull and reset of the 535 went above my expectations. The splits between shots was fast right out of the gate, with a little more time behind this trigger I am sure I can cut that split time down further. So a 535 will be in my wife\’s rifle for the upcoming 2016 club series 3 gun / 3 gun nation matches. Installation was quick and easy.

  8. dennis beaver

    just by reading these review\’s by different customer\’s, i\’m sold!spent big buck\’s on geissele trig\’s. it\’s worth giving you all a try atleast!

  9. Daniel Smith

    My AR-15 came with a 9 lbs. standard mill spec single stage trigger which had a lot of play and was extremely sloppy this would drastically affect my grouping & accuracy even at 50 yards. After about 6 weeks of research I decided on the Rise Armament RA-535-APT drop in trigger. I based my decision on the extremely short trigger pull low weight (about 3.5 lbs. of force) short reset and precision machining. The trigger itself went in very easy in about 25 minutes remove and replace. The extremely precise machining that went into making this trigger also make it a safe and effective trigger. My grouping has become so tight it\’s hard to count the shots on the paper target at 100 yards with backup sights only. I look forward to other purchases from Rise Armament if the level of craftsmanship that went into their triggers is in anyway a reflection of the company as a whole I can\’t imagine what there other products are like. Amazing product amazing company.

  10. J. Melendez

    This is the best trigger you will have. It works great. Perfectly accurate and it will last a lifetime. It is built like a tank. I am super happy I bought this trigger and will purchase again for my other rifles in the future.

  11. Fernando

    Great costumer service went out of there way for me by helping me get my trigger back together after a gun shop lost some parts. I am very thankful for all there hard work and great service thank you guys.

  12. Donnie Smith

    I put this trigger in my 16 inch AR this past weekend it took about 15 minutes total to install. The trigger I had in this rifle was a Timney 3# that I had zero complaints with I just wanted to try the Rise an I put the Timney in my 6.8 hog shooter. The Rise is a scary fast trigger almost full auto with my Slincerco suppressor. There is very little take up an no creep the reset is super fast. I ran about 75 rounds the day I put the Rise in. I’ve read these triggers get faster the more you shoot them. I’m now looking for the Rise matched billet upper/lower set.

  13. Bill O

    My first drop in. I’ve been a big proponent of the Geissele SSA-E as a tactical /practical shooter and 3gun competitor. As a single stage trigger, this is a game changer. Great feel, predictable, fast, great reset. I’ve got mine paired with a BA Hanson profile barrel, and my follow up shots have never been better. Get yours.

  14. John G

    Been a big geissele fan! I have put them in all my builds but this trigger is the best single stage trigger I’ve ever felt so far and super easy drop in. I never write reviews but this trigger deserves it! Don’t be hesitant about purchasing this trigger

  15. LJ Treffer

    Best Trigger I have had in 4 different ARs. Tried the modified stock trigger, JP, and Timney. The Rise Trigger is 2nd to none. Clean brake and considerably less travel. If your looking to tighten up your groups, buy once, get the RISE RA-535. My UMAR 22-250 AR15 sure likes it!

  16. LJ Treffer

    Best Trigger I have had in 4 different ARs. Tried the modified stock trigger, JP, and Timney. The Rise Trigger is 2nd to none. Clean brake and considerably less travel. If your looking to tighten up your groups, buy once, get the RISE RA-535. My UMAR 22-250 AR15 sure likes it!

  17. RK

    Installed in a few minutes with no experience other than a mil spec install. Shoots extremely fast. Reset is almost non existent. Breaks very clean. A shooter at the range with an SBR and geissele 3gun trigger was floored by its performance! Highly recommended.

  18. FatherPhipps

    I purchased one of these triggers and received 2 hammer pins, and no threaded pins, as well as 4 screws rather than 2. After contactin RA, I got a quick response from Josh Barber and was shipped out a new pin, free of charge.

    The trigger functions flawlessly. Almost non-existent takeup, crisp break, and a freakishly short reset.

    I Immediately purchased a second unit for another build, and it arrived with all the appropriate accessories. And I’m considering buying a third.

  19. Pastor Ron Bloom (verified owner)

    Outstanding trigger. Easy install, great feel, awesome company. Super quality product that has improved my splits and follow-up accuracy. Will probably get another after I pick up the folds of honor to support the cause. So glad I found you guys!

  20. Ernest Amende (verified owner)

    I purchased the RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger for my AR-9. I did a great deal of research on “drop-in triggers.” There are comments on many good triggers. I chose the RA trigger and haven’t been disappointed. It is a remarkable addition to my AR-9. I have a AR 556-223 being built and it will have the RA-535 Advanced-Performance Trigger installed.

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