RAVE 140 Trigger

with Anti-Walk Pins

RISE Armament RA 140 Super Sporting Trigger - SST, RISE Armament RA-140

RAVE 140 Trigger

with Anti-Walk Pins


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The RISE Armament Rave 140 Curved is the gen 2 of the best-selling RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger (SST). Among RISE triggers, the Rave 140 curved is an incredible budget-friendly upgrade for your AR-style platform, boasting supreme reliability. It includes free anti-walk pins.

Also available as the RAVE 140 Flat Super Sporting Trigger

Large Pin Colt Style bushings (.170) available upon request. Please request for large pin bushings in the comments section when ordering or contact our customer support team at 844-747-3308.

Key Features

Smooth, crisp break and a short Quik-Klik™ reset you can feel for improved accuracy

Comfortable curved trigger blade that sits farther back for enhanced control — also available with a straight, flat blade as the Rave 140 Flat

Elementary installation — simple and fast with no set screws to tighten

Single-stage, 3.5-lb. pull

NoWay™ Take-up — Most triggers allow a degree of movement prior to engaging the sear, but not with RISE triggers. Measurements done on RISE triggers show no trigger take-up before engaging the sear, so trigger movement begins with the pull required to move and actuate the sear to release the hammer.

Interior parts are S7 tool steel with heavy-hit hardening then black nitride finished for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance

Contained in an anodized housing that’s machined from a solid block of 6061 aluminum, which is more durable and longer lasting than punch-tin housings to help the trigger perform flawlessly under a variety of conditions

Precision machined with handcrafted finetuning

Individually inspected

Includes free anti-walk trigger pins for secure installation

Sleek appearance to accompany its enhanced performance

The ideal cost-conscious upgrade

Fits AR-style platforms built to mil-spec dimensions — calibers include .223/5.56, .308, 6.5, 9MM, and more

Backed by the RISE More-Bang-for-Your-Buck Performance Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

27 reviews for Rave 140 Trigger with Anti-Walk Pins

  1. Tim Jones

    Great product! From a retired Special Ops. Great price, service and fast. Perfect for any build or up-grade. RISE; keep up the good work! Will buy again and highly recommend.

  2. Bode

    Better then drop ins costing twice as much. Will be changing out the rest of mine for RISE triggers

  3. John (verified owner)

    We have been trying out this trigger in our Gunsmithing program. In my opinion, not only is this a great trigger it is the best trigger for its value of any trigger on the market. RISE keep up the great work and your service has been fantastic as well. I am sure our students will continue to purchase many more of these triggers and recommend them to their customers as well. I highly recommend this trigger.

  4. Dirk

    Great trigger! Easy installation! Clean crisp trigger break and fast reset on the AR. I also installed a Timney one stage trigger on an identical AR and I think the Rise trigger is smoother, cleaner, and crisper than the Timney. Rise trigger definitely had a faster reset than the Timney trigger. I highly recommend Rise triggers! I know I will be back for more purchases!

  5. Jake F.

    Fantastic trigger. Best bang for your buck in my opinion. Putting this bad boy on all my rifles.

  6. Jake

    I just picked up a Rise Armament RA-140 trigger the other day. All i have to say is WOW, I love it. What a difference! I love the look and feel. Now I\’m looking at other Rise Armament stuff to put on my guns.

  7. Dustin

    Great trigger for the price. It makes follow up shots way easier. Will definitely buy another one for a future build.

  8. Kyle

    I\’m a really big fan of this trigger. On mine the pull weight was a hair below 3.5 (per Lyman pull gauge). I was gonna try to save up and get a timney but I\’m happy I found this trigger you can\’t beat it for the money. I\’m gonna order another one for a ar308 I\’m building

  9. alexander

    I think a very good and economical trigger and looks good in my ar rifle, this is the second that I buy and I do not want to try another trigger because this meets my demands

  10. Gary

    This is a very well constructed trigger when I took mine out of the package it was at 4 1/2 pounds trigger pull but that\’s no problem this trigger is fully adjustable would recommend this trigger to anybody it was the best hundred dollars I ever spent !

  11. David W

    I bought two of these, one for a build and one for an existing rifle. Just installed the one in the existing rifle. Less than ten minutes from take down too ready to fire. Measured the pull right at 3.5 pounds. Smooth and crisp. You can’t get any better for the money and maybe not for twice the money. I will buy more.

  12. Don

    I was looking for a drop in trigger and they can be quite expensive . I DID NOT believe that a $129 dollar trigger would be as good as the more expensive one\’s. I drop this trigger in and when to the range. I noticed the smoothness of the trigger pull at my first shot. The trigger reset blew my mind. It\’s worth more that $129. Rise Armament \"Great product\"…..

  13. Michael W

    was having issues with my trigger and decided to go with this one. was hesitant at first because of its price, but well worth every penny. Well made and high quality. Going to by another for my 5.56 gun..

  14. Mark N.

    WOW… I mean WOW. This is hands down one great buy. Took my MMR trigger from 9 LBS down to 3.25 LBS. Best thing I could of done to the gun!!! Was supper easy to install, took less than 10 minutes.

  15. Jason G

    The first RA-140 that I ordered had a few issues with it. I called Rise Armament and they sent me a new one. RA was real easy to work with and fixed the issue quite quickly. The new trigger is amazing! Crisp break, super short reset, and no "creep". I look forward to exploring more that this company has to offer.

  16. Mr. H

    The RA-140 Drop in Trigger
    It’s hard to believe how much you get for your money. I own a few ARs. So far I only have one of these triggers. I was doing a complete build that my wife would be using. I wanted to put the best products that I could find on it for her. When it came time for the lower parts kit, I ordered a name brand Nickel Boron kit. It worked fine, but then I found the RA-140 trigger and changed it out for Rise Armament Trigger. I actually called over there and spoke with them before my purchase. They added to make sure I bought anti-walk pins, which I did and I could not be Happier with the finished product. Crisp Clean Brake and so Smooth. Just what I was looking for. She loves it and I will be putting them on future ARs as well. Thanks RISE

  17. Tim H

    I have this trigger in four of my arms they are way beyond my expectations! Two of them live in 450 bushmasters one a 223 wildly and the other in an Adam’s arms 556 piston ar, they perform superbly in all three calibers clean crisp brake and great reset. Thanks Rise for a great product at a very fair price!

  18. Colin

    Love this trigger, well worth the 130$ price tag. Feels like a much more expensive trigger, Very solid feel. Perfect pull weight, super nice short reset

  19. Brian M.

    I purchased your RA 140 trigger and watched your video a couple of times as I never installed one before. It was very easy and it took me about 10 minutes to install. At the range I was a happy camper. I was surprised with the delivery time of the trigger, I got it 2 days before I expected it. And for rhe price, this trigger is great. My LWRC is really top of the line now. Thanks to Risearmament.!!

  20. JOHN K.

    Love this trigger ! Perfect for my Delton 316 Echo 300 BLK Out conversion for sport shooting and hunting.
    Perfect feel all aspects. Took me 15 minutes tops… thanks for the videos also.

  21. Tom Smith

    Upon first installing with .154 anti-walk pins, the unit was a hair loose. I couldn’t get at (or didn’t have 5/64" allen) the set screws so I used .156 pins and all seems to be well.. I haven’t tested it w a pull gauge yet, but i’m betting it’s under 4 at least.. Thanks Rise for making a great product without the over-priced tag!! Kudos!!

  22. Aaron Hollenbeck

    I have the Ra-140. All I can say is it is awesome. Perfect fit in my Rock River PCC 9mm works great. No creep very nice break decent reset. I tested my pull weight and it was right at 4.35 every time. Very consistent. I would and will buy again.

  23. Rex L.

    I bought the RISE RA 140 over two years ago for my S&W M&P 15 in .5.56x45mm 16in bbl. The installation was stupid simple and I used KNS anti-walk trigger screws. Aside from adding softer grips and glass oltics, the trigger is the only internal mod on this carbine. This trigger has allowed me to shoot true MOA groups and, when used with a custom .300 BO upper, it made glass sight in for zero a three round exercise. There is no perceptible roughness or what I call "crunchy-ness" in the takeup, but a clean, repeatable break. I have fired many Armalite style MSR’s with after market triggers and find the RA 140 to be superior overall. My buddy’s competition "Race Rifle" with an expensive trigger from a company that starts with a "G", expressed interest in a RISE trigger like mine for a Three Gun MSR of his. I couldn”t be more pleased with this trigger. I will be getting another for my next MSR, also.

  24. Chris Mersman

    Just bought a Rise RA 140 Trigger. Very easy to install. Just drop in and go. Used KNS anti walk Pins, so easy to do all of this. Love the trigger. Crisp clean break, fast reset, and much cleaner than a Mil Spec Trigger. Pulls at a consistent 3.5 lbs. Sighted in my 300 Blackout in 5 shots. Looked at CMC, Gieselle, Timiney, and Triggertech, but this one works for me a a nice cost. For replacing my Mil Spec Trigger, this was a great choice.

  25. Chad S.

    I love my RA-140! It is a great inexpensive upgrade to a mil-spec trigger. I love how crisp it is. I’m so glad the guys at my LGS suggested it to me.

  26. Youngblood

    I purchased my RA-140 SST awhile back and finally got around to installing it in the Bushmaster XM15-E2S that I bought in Jan’02. The disconnector hook on the back of the hammer juuuust kisses the disconnector as it passes. After installing the 2nd slightly-tight anti-walk pin (triggerpin posit, fwiw), that contact is increased a hair … to the point where the hammer sometimes does not automatically reset.

    I have cleaned & greased those 2 points and, using my thumb, manually worked that contact hundreds of time. While the 2 points still kiss in passing, it appears that I have worked the surfaces enough that the hammer will no longer hang upon return.

    Just in case what I am referring to is not clear: Separate the Upper from the Lower. Leaving the trigger untouched, depress the hammer and it should pass by the disconnector both up & back without touching it. My hammer touches the disconnector. I hope that is clear. 🙂

  27. Jerry Cox (verified owner)

    Bought my RA-140 to go in my Mossberg MMR. Went in easily. Didn’t have a chance to put it to use in the 5.56 realm yet. I went down the street from my job and purchased a 16″complete upper in .45 ACP from Macon Armory. Rudy Koester makes a great product that worked great right out of the box on my lower. But having the RA-140 made an even more formidable package that can easily reach out to 100 yards. The smooth take-up and clean break of the trigger with short reset could make all the difference in a real-life home defense situation. Thanks for a GREAT trigger Rise!!

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