RISE Trigger Comparison Chart

What’s on the inside?

RISE precision machines the drop-in triggers’ internal components from S7 tool steel then heat treats them for heavy-hit hardness. This enables the triggers to deliver solid contact with the firing pin time after time. Next, RISE finishes the trigger parts with one of three metal treatments.

Black Nitride is a surface treatment that yields a smooth, uniform, and corrosion-resistant finish. It improves the durability, increases hardness and strength, and is easy to clean.

Nickel Boron coating provides an additional layer of hardness and strength to the steel while reducing contact points between parts’ surfaces. It acts almost as a lubricant, providing smooth operation of the trigger.

Nickel Teflon is an advanced finish with Teflon chips mixed in the nickel prior to application. It provides a harder, stronger surface and slick, smooth operation. Because the Teflon chips are incorporated in the nickel, Teflon continues to surface over time, enhancing the lubricity and feel with use.